WITHDRAWING – Gözde Ilkin, Günes Terkol, SENA.

An Essay by Nicole O’Rourke

Drawing breath.
Drawing a gun or a sword.
Drawing the proverbial line.
Drawers, or underwear.

Drawers in your chest of drawers. 
A drawer as an artist who draws. 

In the many uses and definitions of ‚drawing’ or ‚to draw’ — within and outside the context of art — what seems to be constant is the idea of creation, alongside a kind of protection, or preservation. With this in mind we can look at the work of artists Gözde İlkin, Güneş Terkol, and SENA., and the ways that their unique kinds of drawing protects and creates. And, conversely, the ways in which their ‘drawing’ also simultaneously erases or negates, withdraws.