Art Critic and Writer Maja Markovic in Conversation with Mexican-Canadian electronic artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer about his inspirations, his art and his new commissioned work at Borusan Contemporary.

To begin with, please tell us a little about your work. what is it you endeavour to discover or reveal in your art? When asked about what you do, how would you describe your artistic practice?

My work is mostly at the intersection of architecture and performance art. I develop audiovisual platforms for public interaction: many pieces are about self- representation, intimacy, agency and the key idea that absence and presence are not opposites. The content of my work is often derived from participation, typically through technologies that are both violent and seductive.

With a B.Sc. in Physical Chemistry, what made you go down the artistic route?

Friends, family and ADHD.

Who or what would you say are your greatest inspirations and motivations?

The typical ones: Sol LeWitt, Agnes Martin, Luis Buñuel, Chuck D.