exhibist talks to maumau, arthere, pasaj & halka art project

maumau – SINE ERGÜN, Founder

Founded by writer and artist Sine Ergün in 2012, the main idea of maumau art residency is to provide the residents with an artistic environment in which they can work on their own projects. The programme also accepts curators, art-critics and writers, which allows residents to work with individuals from different artistic domains by also inviting curators art-critics and writers. Located in Çukurcuma district of Beyoğlu, maumau art residency is designed to accommodate and provide production space for several artists at the same time.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and why you decided to found maumau? How has the project developed since its beginnings?

In 2011-2012 I visited many art residencies abroad to focus on my own artistic practice. When I came back to Istanbul, I had the clear idea in my mind to start an art residency in Istanbul. It is my belief that art residencies are essential tools for artists so they can create in a different environment. Since 2012, maumau has transformed in many ways. We focused on creating the most beneficial experience for artists, in terms of networking, time schedule and accommodation. Now in our fourth year, we can happily say that maumau today is not only an art residency but also a big, international family.