Baksı Museum (Bayburt)

The Baksı Museum is located near the Black Sea, 45 kilometres from Bayburt on a hilltop overlooking the Çoruh Valley. Rising in what used to be called Baksı and is now the village of Bayraktar, this unusual museum offers contemporary art and traditional handicrafts side by side under one roof. Covering 30 hectares with its exhibition halls, workshops, conference hall, library and guest houses, the Baksı Museum sprouted in the year 2000 in the mind of Hüsamettin Koçan, an artist and educationalist born in Bayburt. To make this idea a reality, a foundation was established in 2005. Thanks to the contribution of many volunteers, especially artists, over the years the museum became a truly social project, and after a decade’s odyssey was finally completed in 2010, having received no financial support from the government at any time along the way.

Cer Modern

With the support of the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies (TÜRSAB), Cer Modern in Ankara will enable the growth and realisation of cultural and artistic projects. Not only on a national but also on an international scale, Cer Modern will provide space and a setting for artistic events and works to be exhibited. Within Cer Modern’s 11,500 square-metre area is a variety of artistic spaces, including a temporary exhibition gallery, photo gallery, museum shop, conference and multi-purpose lounge, artist residents’ studios, café and a sculpture park. The ground floor of Cer Modern houses the main gallery where four exhibitions a year will be on display. Cer Modern aims to exhibit collaborative shows by working closely together with international museums and galleries.

Diyarbakır Art Centre (DSM)

The Diyarbakır Art Centre is supported by Anadolu Kültür and the centre started out with visiting exhibits, lecture series, film screenings and theatre productions that brought cultural productions of the western parts of Turkey together with Diyarbakır. The workshops brought creative energy from the west and the east together to create, and DSM quickly evolved into a stage where artists from all around the globe worked together in multicultural and multidisciplinary projects that transcend geographic, linguistic and political divides. DSM has proven an inspiring case for grassroots cooperation and engagement with local actors, including Dicle University, the greater and local municipal governments, the bar association, the chamber of industry and commerce, women’s groups, physicians’ associations, and the state theatre organisation.

Eskişehir Anatolian University Contemporary Art Museum

The Faculty of Fine Arts of Eskişehir Anatolian Universityopened its first art gallery in 1987. The museum collection has been enhanced by donations and purchases. The museum collection has works by 172 Turkish and 52 foreign artists.

Evliyagil Museum

The Evliyagil Museum was established in 2008, and since its construction from 2014 has enriched art in Ankara with a three-floor 750 square-metre exhibition area, statue garden, screening room and library. Founded by Sarp Evliyagil, private collection.

Mustafa Ayaz Foundation Plastic Art Museum

The museum’s construction was launched in 2003 and completed in 2007, and the museum was put into service as a foundation in 2009. The goal of the foundation is to implant the love of art to every section of Turkish society, to educate society through art, and to contribute to the promotion of contemporary Turkish art at home and abroad. The Mustafa Ayaz Museum has a total exhibition space of 5,000 square metres in Ankara.