an interview with Michael Elmgreen & Ingar Dragset

Can you talk a bit about your experiences in relation to this biennial project? Which aspects did you enjoy most?

ID: It is very exciting to see how this kind of project can influence your own process. We learned a lot from traveling to other countries like South America, South Africa and Asia and from talking to older artists everywhere, also in Turkey. We even met people who we really admired for years. Fred Wilson for instance or Mark Dion. But it was also great to meet the younger generations. We generally don’t have the chance to talk to them that much because we are not teaching. So it has also been a chance to hear what’s going on in their minds and how they are dealing with things.

ME: It was also very exciting to enable artists to develop new work. Out of the 56 contributions, 30 of them are new commissions.

ID: Yes, it has been great to be part of this process as well. It was really extremely rewarding for us.