4th Istanbul Design Biennial kicks off

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Carlos Monleón, 'A Colloquy of Vessels, Facility Machine'
Carlos Monleón, 'A Colloquy of Vessels, Facility Machine' as part of 'Digestion School' at Studio X Istanbul, 4th Istanbul Design Biennial, 2018 Photo by Kayhan Kaygusuz

The 4th Istanbul Design Biennial running from 22 September until 4 November 2018 and curated by Jan Boelen under the theme 'A School of Schools' stretches both the space and time of the traditional design event, manifesting as a flexible year-long programme within which to respond to global acceleration, generating alternative methodologies, outputs and forms of design and education. 'A School of Schools' manifests as a set of dynamic learning formats encouraging creative production, sustainable collaboration, and social connection. Exploring eight themes, the learning environment is a context of empowerment, reflection, sharing and engagement, providing reflexive responses to specific situations.

As a space for critical reflection on design established in a historically rich context, the Istanbul Design Biennial offers the opportunity to question the very production and replication of design and its education. In 2018, the 4th Istanbul Design Biennial builds on the legacy of previous editions, in order to reinvent itself and become a productive process-orientated platform for education and design to research, experiment and learn in and from the city and beyond.

Can the biennial use, question and reframe previously tried-and-tested education models – from the museum-as-encyclopedia to the laboratory, the studio and the academy – to create a setting for meaningful dialogue and design? Can design itself be a brave space for people to share their knowledge and ignorance, their experience and curiosity?
Engaging multigenerational, transdisciplinary practitioners from Turkey and abroad, A School of Schools brings together old and new knowledge, academic and amateur, professional and personal, focusing on the process as much as the outcomes. Together, agents in this complex and ambitious ecosystem will create new knowledge, search for alternatives to implemented systems, and with radical diversity, push the boundaries of the design discipline.

For the 4th Istanbul Design Biennial, Jan Boelen teamed up with Vera Sacchetti as Associate Curator and Nadine Botha as Assistant Curator.

Encouraging visitors to take a closer look at the exhibited works and the conceptual framework of the 4th Istanbul Design Biennial, guided tours are held every day except Mondays throughout the duration of the biennial at Akbank Sanat, Yapı Kredi Culture Centre, Pera Museum, Arter, SALT Galata and Studio-X Istanbul.

For further details visit: aschoolofschools.iksv.org/en

Studio Folder, 'The Physical Geography of the Sea' as part of 'Currents School'
Studio Folder, 'The Physical Geography of the Sea' as part of 'Currents School' at Yapi Kredi Cultural Art Center, 4th Istanbul Design Biennial, 2018

Aformal Academy & ARK.WORLD
Can Altay
Ersin Altın, Burçak Özlüdil, Augustus Wendell, Amy K. Hoover
Burak Arıkan
ARK.AMSTERDAM (Roosje Klap & Pauline Le Pape)
Arvid & Marie
Kerim Bayer
Merve Bedir
Broomberg & Chanarin
Cihad Caner
Ali Murat Cengiz
Taeyoon Choi
Lorenzo Cirrincione, Jennifer Teets, Lorena Ancona
Commonplace Studio, Jesse Howard and Tim Knapen
Danilo Correale
Cansu Cürgen & Avşar Gürpınar
Aslı Çiçek
Çukurcuma Okuma Kulübü / Reading Club
Amandine David
Demystification Committee
DESIS Felsefe Konuşmaları
Design Displacement Group
Theo Deutinger
Meeus van Dis
Disarming Design from Palestine
Bogomir Doringer
Eat Art Collective
ECAL x MacGuffin
Ecole Mondiale
Noortje van Eekelen
Lukas Engelhardt
Fictional Journal Collective
FRAME research Group (Remco Roes, Carla Swerts, Tom Lambeens, Griet Moors)
Annika Frye 

Alix Gallet
Gerçeklik Araştırma Grubu, Tasarım Laboratuvarı, Koç Üniversitesi
Teis De Greve
Gamze Gündüz, Güher Tan, Tangör Tan
Gökçe Gürçay
Ineke Hans
Lisa Hartje Moura, Pascal Rousseau, Noam Toran
Adam Harvey & Anastasia Kubrak
Nelly Ben Hayoun
Mark Henning
Esmé Hofman
Bora Hong
Nur Horsanalı
Housing the Human: Artem Kitaev (KOSMOS Architects), Mae-Ling Lokko, Simone C Niquille, Lucia Tahan, Dasha Tsapenko
Human Rights Foundation
Alexandre Humbert
IASPIS Urgent Pedagogies Symposium (Sepake Angiama, Markus Bader, Magnus Ericson, Joseph Grima, Sandi Hilal, Onkar Kular, Peter Lang, Tor Lindstrand, Pelin Tan, Merve Gül Özokcu)
Ils Huygens (Z33)
So Kanno
Andrea Karch
Navine G. Khan-Dossos
Roosje Klap
Rauf Kösemen
Ebru Kurbak
Matylda Krzykowski
Naho Kubota
Onkar Kular
LAB OF LABs: Professor Jussi Parikka, University of Southampton, Visiting Assistant Professor Andreas Treske, Chair Department of Communication and Design, I. D. Bilkent University, Dr. Faculty Member, PhD Simge Hough, Bilgi University, Jamie Allen, Ege Berensel, Ebru Kurbak
Peter Lang
Legrand Jäger
Mae-ling Lokko, Nana Ofori-Atta Ayim, Selassie Ataditka, Gustavo Crembil
Farzin Lotfi-Jam & Mark Wasiuta
LUCA School of Arts
Pedro Neves Marques
Margarida Mendes
Alexandra Midal
Carlos Monleón
Gökhan Mura
Martina Muzi
New South
Camilo Oliveira
ONAGÖRE (Okay Karadayılar & Ali Taptık)
Şevket Pamuk
Parasitic Okuma Kulübü / Reading Club
Thomas Pausz
Ana Peñalba
Juliette Pépin
Hannah Perner-Wilson
Shailoh Philips
Mary Ponomareva
Irene Posch
Possible Bodies Collective
Alice Rawsthorn
Livia Rezende
Ottonie Von Roeder
João Roxo
Emelie Röndahl
Mika Satomi
Helga Schmid
Judith Seng
Fahmy Shahin
Chick Strand
Studio Folder (Marco Ferrari, Elisa Pasqual, Pietro Leoni)
Studio Makkink & Bey
Jenna Sutela
Selim Süme
Aslıhan Şenel
Gülsün Tanyeli
Tattfoo Studio
Teaching Lies (Jamie Allen, Selçuk Artut, Rebekka Kiesewetter, Paolo Patelli, Donato Ricci, Benoît Verjat, Michael Edward Young)
Jennifer Teets & Lorenzo Cirrincione
Sera Tolgay
Sissel Marie Tonn
Joris Van Tubergen
Dr. Ahmet Uhri
Janna Ullrich
University of the Underground
Henriëtte Waal (LUMA) & Studio Klarenbeek & Dros
Lukas Wegwerth
Nina Wiesnagrotzki
Pınar Yoldaş
İpek Yürekli
Peter Zin

Halil Altındere's Homeland acquired by MoMA

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Halil Altindere's Homeland at MoMA
Halil Altındere, Homeland, 2016, video still

Halil Altındere's video work 'Homeland' (2016) was acquired by Media and Performance Art department of MoMA, NY.

Shot in Turkey and Germany, Halil Altindere’s new video 'Homeland' spotlights the experience of forced migration. The contradictions that define refugee status are voiced by rapper Mohammad Abu Hajar, who is a Syrian refugee now living in Berlin. The work is placed in the context of the pro-democratic revolts in the course of the 'Arab Spring' in the Near East and shows the dangerous journey of the refugees through the neighbouring countries all the way to Europe as well as the search for a new life on the basis of Abu Hajar ’s song. The work was produced for the Berlin Biennial 2016.

Aslı Çavuşoğlu at New Museum

on Friday, 12 October 2018. Posted in ---2018--- , October

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Aslı Çavuşoğlu at New Museum
Aslı Çavuşoğlu, The Place of Stone, 2018 (detail). Fresco on 22 aerolam panels, 49 1/4 × 49 1/4 in (125 × 125 cm) each. Photo: Gençer Yurttaş

The artist's first solo museum show in United States titled 'The Place of Stone' featuring a new body of work realized for the exhibition opened on 18 September at New Museum, New York and is on view until 13 January 2019.

In her research-driven practice, Çavuşoğlu (b. 1982, Istanbul, Turkey) takes up questions of history and belief by examining objects, images, and cultural symbols that have endured over time. National identity and the mechanisms through which political projects are constructed are recurring concerns. Many of her works address narratives of the past and suppositions of the present through oral histories, archives, artifacts, and raw materials, such as those used for color pigments.

At the installation of the New Museum's lobby Aslı Çavuşoğlu explores the centuries-long trade in lapis lazuli, once a key ingredient for mixing blue pigment before the advent of chemical dyes. The stone was extensively used for fresco painting, a medium revived here in a multi-panel composition, limned in hues ranging from cerulean to Prussian blue. Examining the color as both a commodity and as a key ingredient in painting, Çavuşoğlu traces the story of blue from its mineral origins to its role in art history.

Lead support for Aslı Çavuşoğlu’s residency and exhibition is provided by SAHA Association.

Semiha Berksoy at Frieze London

on Friday, 12 October 2018. Posted in ---2018--- , October

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Semiha Berksoy at Frieze
Galerist (Istanbul) and Vigo Gallery's (London) joint booth at Frieze Masters 2018

Galerist (Istanbul) and Vigo Gallery (London) presented a solo presentation of the work of the extraordinary Turkish artist, opera singer and cultural figure, Semiha Berksoy (1910 – 2004) for the Spotlight section of Frieze Masters, 2018.

Semiha Berksoy (b. 1910, Istanbul, d. 2004, Istanbul) was one of the leading cultural scene figures in the early years of the Turkish Republic and one of the first internationally recognized Turkish artists. At the age of 19, she was accepted at the Academy of Fine Arts Istanbul, where she studied ceramics. She was also a student at Darülbedayi Drama School. With a multi-faceted artistic approach, Berksoy starred in the first Turkish sound movie and performed in the first Turkish opera. After graduating from the Berlin State Music Academy, she was awarded the titles of ‘World Class Opera Singer’, ‘Prima Donna’ and ‘State Artist’. In a life dedicated to art, she also made great contributions in the field of visual arts. Istanbul-based gallery Galerist recently published her catalogue raisonné in 2017.

Selected recent solo exhibitions include Semiha Berksoy with Love, O’Art, Istanbul, TR (2017); Wall of Hallucination, Galerist, Istanbul, TR (2014); I Lived on Art, I Lived on Love, Yapı Kredi Kazım Taşkent Gallery, Istanbul, TR (2010); Retrospective, Iş Sanat Kibele Sanat Gallery, Istanbul, TR (2003).

Selected group exhibitions include Artists in Their Time, Istanbul Modern, Istanbul, TR (2015); Plurivocality, Istanbul Modern, Istanbul, TR (2014); Past and Future, Istanbul Modern, Istanbul, TR (2013); 9th Shanghai Biennale, Shanghai, CN (2012); Dream and Rea- lity, Istanbul Modern, Istanbul, TR (2012); Istanbul Next Wave, Akade- mie der Künste, Berlin, DE (2009); Gender Battle, CGAC, Santiago de Compostela, ES (2007); Venice – Istanbul, Istanbul Modern, Istanbul, TR (2006); 51st Venice Biennale, Ve- nice, IT (2005); Zeitwenden, Kunstmuseum Bonn, DE/ Museum Moderner Kunst, Vienna, AT (1999/2000); Mani- festa II, Luxembourg, LU (1998); 5th Istanbul Biennial, Istanbul, Turkey (1997); Iskorpit, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, DE (1995).

Galeri Nev Istanbul moves back to previous location

on Friday, 12 October 2018. Posted in ---2018--- , October

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Misir Apartment, Istiklal Caddesi
Misir Apartment, Istiklal Caddesi 163, Istanbul

After relocating to Karakoy last season, the gallery decided to return to its previous gallery space at Misir Apartment on Istiklal Caddesi, Istanbul in September 2018.

Founded in 1984 by Ali Artun and Haldun Dostoğlu in Ankara, Galeri Nev established its space in Istanbul in 1987 and has been organizing regular exhibitions ever since, with the aim of introducing modern and contemporary art to both local and international audience.

In the early 1990’s, whilst continuing to present the masters of modern Turkish art, the gallery began to work with a group of younger, emerging artists. The enduring collaboration with this new generation which constitutes the core group of Galeri Nev Istanbul, attracted a devoted audience on national and international scale while boosting the careers of the artists.

Aside from the exhibitions held at Galeri Nev Istanbul’s gallery space under Dostoğlu’s direction, a significant number of retrospective exhibitions have been realized for the artists represented by Galeri Nev Istanbul such as Erol Akyavaş, Nejad Devrim and Alev Ebüzziya at prestigious locations in Istanbul.

An equally essential mission of the gallery has been numerous publication projects since its establishment. By means of the catalogues, original print suits and monographs whose number is over a hundred today, Galeri Nev occupies a pioneering position in contributing to cultural landscape in Turkey.

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