Açık Ekran

Launched by Şekerbank, “Açık Ekran” is a New Media Arts Gallery where contemporary works, mainly of the new media category, are exhibited. The exhibited works can be seen simultaneously in seven pilot branches of Şekerbank throughout the country, namely, Feneryolu-Istanbul, Küçükesat and Çankaya-Ankara, Kırklareli-Alpullu, Ordu, Izmir and Mardin. In time, the project will expand to other Şekerbank branches across Turkey. Şekerbank’s art support began with the Ömer Sunar Art Gallery launched in Ankara in the 1980s.

Akbank, Sanat (a.k.a. Aksanat)

The Akbank Sanat Centre was established in 1993. Since 2003, its programming headed more towards contemporary art. Throughout the year, exhibitions, talks, lectures, film screenings and concerts and more than 700 events are organised in and by Akbank Sanat. It also offers lithography and silkscreen printing workshop to artists. Akbank also organises the Akbank Short Film Festival, Akbank Jazz Festival, dance events, dance workshops, a rich event programme around art/philosophy, educational programmes for children, theatre, and a series of philosophical lectures (Deleuze & Guattari).


ARTER – Space for Art is initiated by the Vehbi Koç Foundation (VKF) and opened in 2010. It is established as an exhibition space and its programme is created with the aim of encouraging production of contemporary artworks, providing a platform for artistic practices, producing and presenting exhibitions curated from the VKF Contemporary Art Collection, as well as from other private collections and archives. In terms of funding, exhibiting, promotion and publications, as well as support for educational activities, Arter offers artists a sustainable infrastructure for producing new works. Arter’s inaugural show “Starter” presented more than 160 works by 87 artists, all belonging to the Vehbi Koç Foundation Contemporary Art Collection. The exhibition was curated by René Block, who also played a significant curatorial role in the formation of the collection.

BAU Art Gallery

Bahçeşehir University’s art gallery’s physical space, which existed from 2013-2015, is currently closed and is focusing on independent projects in Turkey and abroad. The gallery is also part of the Istanbul Berlin Art Bridge, which aims to foster an artistic and cultural exchange programme between the two cities (Berlin also has a Bahçeşehir University campus). The gallery is managed and curated by German artist and academic Jochen Proehl.

Borusan Contemporary

Borusan Contemporary Perili Köşk Istanbul was founded in 2011 to introduce the Borusan Contemporary Art Collection to a wider audience, as well as increasing interest in contemporary art in Turkey. As the first and the only one of its kind in Turkey, with its “museum-in-an-office” concept, Borusan Contemporary aims to become a pioneer in its own category, both with its physical environment and visiting experience. At the same building that functions as the office of the Holding Company during the week, it is possible to see a variety of selections from the collection, as well as single-artist or group exhibitions organised by nationally and internationally recognised curators. Another mission of the museum is to proliferate knowledge by supporting the exhibitions with educational programmes and academic discussions for all age groups, thereby contributing to Turkey’s artistic and cultural environment.

Institut Français

The educational and cultural events and activities of the centre include performances (such as dance and theatre), exhibitions, film screenings and participation at various festivals.

Kasa Galeri

In 1998, Sabancı University set out at the Minerva Han, a landmark historical building, which was built as a bank at the beginning of the 20th century. When instruction started on the campus, the Karaköy building was retained as the university’s downtown Communication Centre and started serving as an annex and a venue for conferences and cultural activities. The original built-in vault situated in the basement of the Minerva Han has been transformed into an art gallery under the name “Kasa Galeri” and opened on April 1999. It is still one of the most innovative art galleries in town.

Milli Reasürans Sanat Galerisi

The Milli Reasürans Art Gallery was opened in 1994 in Teşvikiye, Istanbul. Within the past 23 years, the Milli Reasürans Art Gallery has organised more than 150 exhibitions and has published more than a hundred books and catalogues with texts by famous Turkish and foreign authors and art critics.


Started by Vasıf Kortun and Garanti Bank in 2011, SALT has exhibition and workshop spaces in Istanbul and Ankara. It combines the previous activities of the Garanti Gallery, the Ottoman Bank Archives and Research Centre and the Platform Garanti Contemporary Art Centre of the bank. It is one of the six members of L’Internationale, a confederation of European art institutions; the other member institutions are the Moderna galerija in Ljubljana, Slovenia; the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía in Madrid, Spain; the Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona in Barcelona, Spain; the Museum van Hedendaagse Kunst Antwerpen in Antwerp, Belgium; and the Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. In 2017, Meriç Öner took over directorship from Vasıf Kortun.

Yapı Kredi Culture Centre

In 1992, the “Culture and Art Bank” Yapı Kredi established Yapı Kredi Cultural Activities, Arts and Publishing in an effort to restructure its whole organisation. The events held here focus on painting, sculpture, photography, archaeology and culture at large. The building was closed from 2011-2017 and just opened in its impressive newly refurbished building on Istiklal Caddesi.