Anna Zizlsperger talks to Stephane Ackerman and Erhan Patat of ArtInternational

STEPHANE ACKERMAN, artistic director, ArtInternational Istanbul

Today fairs rule the art world. What is your opinion on the potentially harmful side effects of commercial art galleries monopilising the contemporary art market?

Let’s be modest – Indeed, the vast majority of sales by international galleries are realised during art fairs as they’re the main playground for competition between the most important players of this scene. Nevertheless, there is a very important difference in the quality of art presented from one art fair to the next, as well as in terms of the ethical and professional norms some art fairs are prone to and others neglect. I am glad to be part of an art fair that is part of the former.

An art gallery is a commercial entity that defends the artist’s interests. Art galleries have always been among the main protagonists of the contemporary art market. I believe they are not potentially the most harmful though. For instance, other players in this market, such as auction houses, can be more harmful. Yet, this is totally another game.