Anna Laudel Contemporary

The gallery Art350 was founded by Anna Laudel in 2012. In 2016, it relocated and was renamed Anna Laudel Contemporary in Karaköy. The gallery is directed by Ferhat Yeter and managed by Alev Vayısoğlu and also has an art book shop. Anna Laudel Contemporary’s programme features the work of Turkish and international artists.


Gallery Apel was established in November 1998 by Nuran Terzioğlu, former gallery director of Ankara Tanbay and Urart Art Galleries (1983-1995). Apel hosts exhibitions in a variety of media that verge on craft and design. Expect weird and wonderful works from Turkey’s avant-garde, as well as surreal paintings by international artists. The gallery displays permanent and temporary exhibits by national as well as international artists, such as Filiz Başaran, Mehmet Aksoy and Juan Botella Lucas.


When Bilge Alkor decided to gather the works she had been collecting for years with her own productions to form some sort of a collection, what she had in mind was to found an institute not just limited to exhibiting and display, rather functioning like a research and meeting platform open to all fields of art. Ariel Sanat recently closed their space in Istanbul’s Maçka district to move in with Riverrun Gallery in Beyoğlu.

Art ON

Art ON opened in March 2011 in Akaretler and is currently located on Meşrutiyet Caddesi in Pera. Art ON’s name is a reference to the fact that it was originally going to be located at Number 10 Şair Nedim Caddesi (on being the word for “ten” in Turkish). Art ON has exhibited artworks in many different media – painting, photography, sculpture and new media.


artSümer, founded in 2005 by Aslı Sümer, works with artists at all stages of their career development, whose diverse practices include painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, video and new media. In 2017, artSümer moved to a new building in Karaköy, together with Mixer and Pi Artworks.

BLOK art space

Founded by art historian and antiquarian Hikmet Mizanoğlu in 2014, BLOK was a contemporary art space located in Çukurcuma, Istanbul with the mission to promote and support up-and-coming new media and contemporary artists and curators through exhibitions, performances and collaborations. As a contemporary art project space, it welcomed interdisciplinary collaborations and works that incorporate techniques formed within contemporary art through science and technology. In autumn of 2018, they left their fixed space in Çukurcuma and decided to only work with occasional and periodical projects at their Büyük Valide Han project space for future exhibitions and projects.

C.A.M. Gallery

C.A.M. Gallery was established in 1992 by Sevil Binat and Nilüfer Sülüner, and was one of the first Istanbul galleries to exclusively show the work of contemporary Turkish artists and to chart the trends and concerns of the developing scene. Since 2002, the gallery has been solely managed by Sevil and Levent Binat. It recently moved from Akaretler to Istanbul’s Çukurcuma district, a new up-and-coming art neighbourhood.

Daire Sanat

Founded in 2008 by Selin Söl, Daire Sanat is concerned with artistic values rather than commercial concerns. The gallery showcases solo exhibitions, as well as conceptually focused exhibitions that question cultural and social issues. Before they moved to Cihangir in 2017, they were located on Boğazkesen Caddesi.


Dirimart opened its doors in February 2002 in Istanbul’s Nişantaşı district. The gallery works with young and established Turkish artists, as well as having a growing number of international names. Dirimart participates in international art fairs. RES World Art/Art World is a biennial contemporary art magazine, which was published by Dirimart until 2015. In 2016, Dirimart opened a second branch in Dolapdere and with its 1,000-square-metre space, it is the largest commercial art gallery in Istanbul.

Empire Project

Founded by Kerimcan Güleryüz in February 2011, the Empire Project has exhibited the works of more than 40 artists in two different historical venues. Since July 2017, Empire Project has not had a fixed gallery space and is focusing on independent projects in Turkey and abroad with projects in Amsterdam, Munich, London, Mumbai and Paris.

Galeri Artist

Galeri Artist is a contemporary art gallery based in Istanbul, Ankara and Berlin. Founded by Daghan Özil in 1986, the gallery has developed a showcase for contemporary art. The headquarters in Istanbul host not only the gallery itself but also the Edition department that includes lithography, prints and limited edition miniatures of a large selection of artists from Picasso to Fahrelnissa Zeid.


Founded in 2001 in Istanbul by Murat Pilevneli, Galerist is one of the leading contemporary art galleries in Turkey. Since then, the gallery has established a reputation for nurturing the careers of outstanding Turkish contemporary artists and introducing their work to a global audience while simultaneously bringing some of the best and most challenging international, contemporary pieces of art to Istanbul. With a view to supporting Turkey’s growing contemporary art world, since 2006 Galerist has been publishing the art magazine Art Unlimited. The gallery continues to pursue a creative direction that balances the emerging and the established national and international artists – with the constant aim of presenting and supporting outstanding contemporary visual art practices. Melkan Gürsel Tabanlıoğlu and Taha Tatlıcı took over Galerist in 2011.

Kare Art Gallery

Kare Art Gallery was founded in 1991 and is managed by Fatma Saka. The gallery’s general programme consists of paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints and installations of contemporary art.

Krank Art Gallery

Founded in March 2016 by Ayse Üner Kutlu and Sibel Erdamar as a commercial gallery, the space showcases works by Turkish artists. The exhibition programme is prepared by the curator Ali Akay.

Leica Gallery

Located in the historic buildings of Bomontiada (The Historic Brewery in Bomonti), which offers a mix of art, culture, music and gastronomy, Leica Gallery Istanbul aims to become a hub for the photography world in Turkey and to demonstrate the creative potential of Turkey to the international art scene. The gallery’s programme includes internationally renowned photographers as well as local artists.


Mixer opened in Tophane in 2012, founded by Hamit Hamutçu. They moved to Sıraselviler Caddesi in Cihangir in December 2015 and relocated to a new space in Karaköy in September 2017, together with artSümer and Pi Artworks. Mixer has two main areas in its large and multi-purpose gallery space in Karaköy. In their project space, young artists’ works are displayed on a rotational basis, while the temporary exhibition area hosts curated exhibitions with the involvement of a combination of established artists and independent arts professionals.

Galeri Nev

Galeri Nev, with branch offices in Istanbul and Ankara, is one of the oldest contemporary art galleries in Turkey. Galeri Nev was founded in 1984 by two architects, Ali Artun and Haldun Dostoğlu. Since its establishment, more than 300 exhibitions have been held in the gallery’s venues in Ankara and Istanbul. These exhibitions mainly featured the “first modernists” of Turkey: the representatives of the post-World War II generation and the two following generations. Nev has also opened its doors to European modernism through the shows of Alechinsky, Bonnard, Dali, Dubuffet, Picasso, Pedersen and Saura. In addition, Nev has given place to contemporary art from the United States, Canada, South America, Africa and Japan. Among the existing galleries in Turkey, Galeri Nev was the first to venture into the field of international art fairs, and it is with the Stockholm, Madrid (ARCO) and Athens art fairs that many artists from Turkey were represented abroad for the first time. The gallery is also unique in editing and publishing more than a hundred limited edition reproductions and numerous volumes of art books and catalogues to date. – Istanbul – Ankara

Öktem & Aykut Gallery

In 2014, Tankut Aykut founded Tankut Aykut Gallery and one year later Doğa Öktem joined and it became Öktem & Aykut. The gallery moved from Galata to Şişhane in 2018.

Pg Art Gallery

Pg Art Gallery is a contemporary art gallery in Istanbul founded in 1993 by Pırıl Güleşçi Arıkonmaz and has been exhibiting mid-career to established Turkish artists. It recently moved to Istanbul’s Çukurcuma district, a new up-and-coming art neighbourhood.

Pi Artworks

Pi Artworks is a contemporary art gallery in Istanbul that was founded in 1998. Pi Artworks represents Turkish and international contemporary artists with a focus on the perspectives of the local art market. The gallery is directed by Yeşim Turanlı. In 2013, they opened a second branch in London.

Pilevneli Gallery

Located in the historical district of Dolapdere in Istanbul, Pilevneli Gallery is the realisation of Murat Pilevneli’s long-term ambition to mark an exciting new chapter in the contemporary art scene in Istanbul and the region with an international perspective. In December 2018, Pilevneli Mecidiyeköy opened its first exhibition “At the Factory: 10 Artists, 10 Individual Practices” at its new 4,000-square-metre space.

The Pill

Founded by Suela Cennet in 2016 and located in Balat, this site-specific exhibition and project space aims at exhibiting cutting-edge emerging and established international and Turkish artists in Istanbul.

Pilot Gallery

Located on Sıraselviler Caddesi in Cihangir, Pilot Gallery is a pioneering venue that aims to serve as a space that showcases artists’ works and to provide an interactive meeting point for exchanging ideas. Opened in September 2011 by Azra Tüzünoğlu, Pilot Gallery was formerly known as Outlet Gallery in Tophane, which opened in 2008. Now, housed in what used to be one of the hippest nightclubs of the 1970s, the gallery consists of spaces with various purposes, including an exhibition space, a foyer for research and a showroom. In 2013, PILOT Gallery established Co-PILOT, which will operate in a multi-functional manner and host talks/discussions, screenings, performances, workshops and exhibitions.

Piramid Sanat

Piramid Art Centre was opened in 2006 by the internationally known Turkish artist Bedri Baykam (of the modernist generation). As he is also very active politically, people in Turkey tend to either strongly agree with him or oppose him.

REM Art Space

Founded by Mehmet Kahraman in October 2015 and located in Çukurcuma, Istanbul, REM Art Space is an interdisciplinary art space with an open structure inviting innovative co-operations and critical interaction.


Riverrun was founded in 2017 by Norgunk Publishing House as an exhibition and event venue. Located in the basement of a coffee and book shop on Boğazkesen street in the Beyoğlu district of Istanbul, their series of exhibitions started with a solo exhibition of Sarkis, followed by a duo exhibition of Ayşe Erkmen and Bernard Frize, and a solo exhibition by Selim Birsel. Riverrun aims to continue its programme with the participation of both national and international contemporary artists. The space also serves as an event venue for talks regarding multidisciplinary projects, book launches, etc.


Sanatorium was founded in 2009 as an art initiative by eight artists from different disciplines; Alp Alanbay, Barış İlkhan, Buğra Kulbak, Guido Casaretto, Mehmet Turgut, Osman İlder Yalın, Tunç Dindaş and Tunca Subaşı. In 2011, it changed to Sanatorium Gallery under Adnan Yerebakan and Feza Velicangil. In September 2017, Sanatorium opened a second branch in Vienna under the name SCAG.

Versus Art Project

Versus Art Project was established by Esra Leyla Ünsal and Mert Ünsal. The gallery is located in the historical neighbourhood of Beyoğlu/Taksim, Istanbul, and aims to promote the representation of a selection of young and subversive artists, whose works focus on themes such as lack of belonging or identity, displacement, migration, the position of women in the society, gentrification, urban memory and destruction of local culture.


Gallery x-ist is an “art gallery project” realised by collector Daryo Beskinazi and art director Kerimcan Güleryüz in 2004 on the basis of their experience in the art world, the result of many years of activity.

Zilberman Gallery

Zilberman Gallery was founded in Istanbul in 2008. Its aim is twofold: to promote contemporary artists from Turkey internationally and to introduce international artists to the local art scene. Zilberman Gallery stages 10-12 exhibitions a year at its main gallery space and project space. The gallery occupies two separate floors of Mısır Apartment, one of the most famous examples of art nouveau architecture in Istanbul, designed in 1910 by Ottoman Armenian architect Hovsep Aznavur.
In 2016, Zilberman Gallery opened its Berlin space, which hosts both a gallery and an artist-in-residency programme.