The 6th edition of the International Çanakkale Biennial titled ‘Before the Past—After the Future”, held between 29 September and 11 November 2018, brought together the works of 37 international artists, focusing on the concepts, images and ecologies of the past and the future. The conceptual framework of the 6th Çanakkale Biennial is inspired from the units used to historicise time: ‘Before the Past – After the Future’ presents a selection of art productions that are directed to the horizontal (geographical) and vertical (historical) expansions of time that is defined as before and after certain milestones (BC/AD) or more objectively as its distance from the present day (BP- Before Present). One of the main venues of the 6th Çanakkale Biennial, Troia Museum, which opened its doors in 2018 Year of Troy, hosted works that focus on mythological and historical aspects of Troy. The unique spaces in the neighbouring Tevfikiye, which has recently been renovated and transformed into an Archeo-Village as part of the Respect to History Project hosted film screenings and workshops as well as the Biennial exhibitions. MAHAL, Korfmann Library, Bordo Bina, Sanatsever and Studio Mavinil were also among the Biennial venues.
6th Canakkale Biennial, Installation view 2018
Çanakkale Biennial Initiative (CABININ) is a Çanakkale-based non-profit initiative, founded by a group of collaborators from various fields and occupations. As a platform for producing artistic and cultural ideas and events, CABININ organizes and supports local as well as international events that would touch on socially responsible projects in particular, International Çanakkale Biennial. Hence, since the 1st Çanakkale Biennial (2008), all of the conceptual frameworks have been determined on the principle to oversee, examine and criticize the social problems relating to the country, region and the world through works of art. Participating Artists: Adrian Paci, Agnes-Meyer Brandis, Akın Aksu, Cem Demir, Hertog Nadler, Çınar Eslek, Deniz Sağdıç, Derviş Zaim, Emre Zeytinoğlu, Fani Zguro, Ferhat Özgür, Georgios Katsagelos, Guy Ben Ner, Hayri Esmer, Hülya Özdemir, Jakob Gautel, Janis Rafa, Jason Karaindros, Josephine Turalba, Katrin Korfmann & Jens Pfeifer, Krassimir Terziev, Larissa Sansour & Søren Lind, Mehmet Erim, Nancy Atakan, Nazlı Gürlek, Nuri Bilge Ceylan, Pınar Yolaçan, Serhat Kiraz, Servet Koçyiğit, Seydi Murat Koç, Seyhan Boztepe, Tufan Baltalar, Ugo La Pietra, Yeni Anıt