Gallery Apel

Hayriye Caddesi 5A, Hasan Efendi Is Hani, Galatasaray/Beyoglu, Istanbul 34400 | | +90-212-292 72 36

Opening Hours: 11.30am-6.30pm Tue-Sat


Gallery Apel was established in November 1998 by Nuran Terzioglu, former gallery director of Ankara Tanbay and Urart Art Galleries (1983 - 1995). Mrs. Terzioglu was one of the founding members of Sanart and artistic activities coordinator of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture Faculty, Bilkent University.

Apel hosts exhibitions in a variety of media that verge on craft and design. Expect weird and wonderful works from Turkey's avant-garde, as well as surreal paintings by international artists.

As you might expect for an underground space, it's a little hard to find: up a few steps at the corner of the street right behind the Galatasaray Lycée.